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When India emerged on the global scene as a strong economy, the IT industry played a major role in its development, by putting India on the global IT map. Most Indian IT companies grew by providing outsourced solutions to companies in need of their services overseas and opened up spaces in the global economy. A few IT companies also took the pioneering path of nurturing the IT initiative on the home ground. Out of the limelight, but growing stronger, nevertheless, these niche players emerged in the areas of providing solutions to Indian Public and Private Sector Companies. They have spent the last couple of years in acquiring domain knowledge, IPR Development, marketing and distribution, as well as being the enablers for the growth of Indian Private and Public Sector Companies.

Hiccup Solutions is one such company that has been an enabler in the burgeoning growth of Indian Industry, providing support and IT enablement to wide range of Indian companies (both from the government & private sector). Our confident and reliable ability and competencies lie in providing website designing and development, promotion of website on search engines [SEO] particularly in Google, E-commerce website solution, multimedia presentation software development etc.

We provide best & the topmost quality and renders of services at the very most competitive rate. We are proud of the vast numbers of day-by-day growing clients who bear testimony to our company’s credit, products, quality, service and attractive facilities.

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